Savannah Secrets

Savannah Secrets Book, Vigilantes for Justice Southern Cozy Mystery. Alan Chaput Author of Southern Mystery novels, Women Mysteries, Southern Fiction Novels.
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Savannah Secrets Cozy Mystery Novel by Alan Chaput

When Patricia Falcon’s husband Trey is kidnapped, she is plunged into a complex race that crosses continents and decades and will push her to her emotional and mental limits.

Patricia’s investigative talents are further challenged because her husband’s ransom isn’t money.

Desperate to ensure the safe return of Trey, Patricia reaches out to a Catholic bishop, a local witch doctor, and two secret organizations hoping to piece together the clues she needs to find and deliver what the kidnappers want before it’s too late.

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The Vigilantes for Justice Series

  1. Savannah Sleuth

  2. Savannah Secrets (coming April 2018)

  3. Savannah Justice (coming July 2018)

  4. Savannah Passion (coming in 2019)

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